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Are the treatments very expensive?

We offer very affordable prices, packages and our evaluation is free.

Does the laser treatment eliminate all of the hair completely?

Laser hair removal is accomplished in six to eight section generally, done monthly ,or every other month this helps to reduce permanent hair in eighty to ninety percent of the hair. Maintenance sections may be required annually, varies in each individual case.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Hair follicles are surrounded by nerve endings, which may react to the heat by creating a sensation of discomfort that patients often describes as a little rubber band against their skin, and some others as a mild pain. Certain areas of the body hurt more than other, also patients with very thick dark hair may experience more discomfort than others and this is because thick dark hair absorbs more of the laser light during treatment than thin, light co-loured hair. Generally each treatment discomfort minimizes because hair becomes thinner, and less with each treatment.

Does laser burn?

Laser does not burn just gives heat to the treated area.The energy of the treatment depends on skin type.our specialist and candela laser technology creates a comfort to our clients.

Could darker skin be treated?

Darker could be challenging but choosing the right laser and energy when treating patients with dark skin is very safe and convenient.